In Belgium, the name 'Olivier Bisback' is since many years associated with high quality and impressing stunt work. He is known in his own country as the astronaut tumbling down in the tv commercial for a Belgian internet provider, as the office clerk falling down for the amusement park, as the biker cycling in the water for a Belgian internet provider, as Tarzan crashing against a wall for the coffee machine producer Senseo, or as a the stand-in for the great actor Jean-Claude Van Damme in 'The Eagle Path', …

The one thing he was still missing in his nonetheless impressive palmares, was the official certificate of the International Stuntschool. But in august 2004 he got his coveted degree at that famous school. The first Belgian ever to succeed there! During his studies at that famous school, he got acquainted with several techniques: falling down techniques, stair falls, fire work, ratchet, armed fights, camera techniques, special effects, ... Since his graduation at that school, Olivier Bisback is literally in fire for his job.

On television Olivier Bisback will never hesitate to show his stunt techniques, even when this was not really expected. One day he was invited in the talk show of Ben Crabbé, a famous Flemish presenter, in 'Aan Tafel' (at table). He didn't simply walk in, but he tumbled down the stairs of the studio. Or the Flemish television watchers still remember how he was kicked in his cross by the female presenter Roos Van Acker. In 'De Laatste Show' (the last show), another famous Flemish talk show, he literally fell from the sky and tumbled from the stairs to make his way to the presenter. In 'Zomer 2007' (summer 2007) he literally was in fire, and a few moments later he knocked down Axel Peelemans, a famous guest of the talk show presenter Jan Leyers. Not for real, but it hell did look like real!

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