Olivier Bisback was born in Aalst, Belgium, in 1973. Inspired by action heroes such as Bruce Lee, Chuck Norris and Jackie Chan he took right from childhood a tremendous interest in taekwondo and fitness. In the early nineties he auditioned for a movie with Jean-Claude Van Damme. This audition resulted in an invitation from a film director to Hollywood where he was asked to cooperate in the promotion of a movie. In 2001 he followed a course 'cinema training' in Los Angeles (USA).

In Los Angeles he had the opportunity to meet and learn from the most important stunt and fight coordinators from Hollywood. And it was in Hollywood that he realised that film and television was his real passion, his goal of life.

When he returned from LA in 2001, Olivier Bisback was asked by the famous Flemish film director Jan Verheyen to assist in the movie 'Alias'. This movie meant Olivier's breakthrough. From that year on, Olivier almost drowned in offers for stunt and fight coordination.

In 2004 he was the first Belgian ever to graduate at the International Stuntschool in Seattle, USA. He also was the first Belgian member of the United Stuntmens Association.

For more than eight years now, Olivier Bisback is frequently hired as stunt and fight coordinator by film and television producers. Many times, he was also responsible for the whole stunt package: budget, development, choreography and actual performance, all this according to the wishes, needs and the script of the director.

Olivier Bisback was responsible for the coordination of stunt and fight scenes in several Flemish movies such as Alias, Team Spirit, Firmin, Windkracht 10, Ben X, Vermist, Loft, Oud-België, Meisjes, …

He was also responsible for the stunt and fight coordination in several popular Flemish televison series, such as Flikken, Witse, Aspe, Zone Stad, Spoed, Familie, Kinderen Van De Windt, Wolven, Code 37, …

Apparently Olivier Bisback's talent as stunt- and fight was also noticed abroad. Indeed, in 2006 he was asked to assist in the movie 'Flawless' with Demi Moore, in 2007 in the movie 'JCVD' with his youth idol Jean-Claude Van Damme, in 2008 in the movie 'Diamand 13' with Gerard Depardieu and 'The Eagle Path' with Jean-Claude Van Damme, in 2009 'La Meute' with Emilie Dequenne and Yolande Moreau, … Today Olivier gets more offers from television and movie makers than he can accept.

Olivier Bisback has become in his own country the reference regarding stunt and fight coordination. But in the mean time his reputation in his own country has crossed many borders. An international career is gradually growing.

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