Master Olivier Bisback has won three times the Belgian championship taekwondo. He is a black belt, 5th dan taekwondo and a black belt, 1st dan in hapkido. He is known as a specialist in leg and hand techniques and is a direct pupil of late grandmaster Beom Jhoo Lee, black belt, 9th dan, and of master Patrick De Vreese, black belt, 6th dan. He attended several training sessions in the US, the UK, France, Denmark and Holland and scored many victories in national and international championships.

Later on master Olivier Bisback also got specialised in jiu jitsu, kobudo, full contact, kick boxing and boxing.

In 1996 master Olivier Bisback established the taekwondo club Hodori, in Ghent. In 1998 the club moved to Aalst. Till 2007 master Olivier Bisback was president and chief instructor of this sport club, known as the greatest and most successful in Flanders.

The biggest taekwondo club of Flanders was based upon two major pillars: on the one hand the quality and the variety of the lessons, on the other hand on the profound friendship between the members.

His profound knowledge of several fight techniques and his natural talent as an instructor make Olivier Bisback a highly respected man, as well as with his numerous friends as with his rare enemies.

Curriculum vitae

1986  introduced taekwondo in club Ten in Aalst (under grandmaster Beom Jhoo Lee)
1992  transfer to club Hodori-Herzele (under master Patrick De Vreese)
1995  black belt 1st dan taekwondo
1996  founder and president of Hodori, Ghent
1996  member of the national taekwondo team
1997  black belt 2nd dan taekwondo
1997  instructor degree full contact, Ghent
1998  founder and president of Hodori, Aalst
1999  black belt, 3th dan taekwondo
1999  certificate sports trainee at the Vlaamse Trainersschool (BLOSO)
1999  black belt 1st dan hapkido
2001  training 'cinema combat training' in Los Angeles
2003  black belt 4th dan taekwondo
2004  elected sports laureate - Akijama Aalst (jiu jitsu)
2008  black belt 5th dan taekwondo
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